Splice Volume 7 issue 1 (7.1) – The Tim Burton issue

The focus of Volume 7 issue 1 is on Tim Burton, one of the most popular directors working today. The essays discuss a range of his work, from the Batman films to those intended primarily for family audiences, together with extended case studies on both Edward Scissorhands and Sleepy Hollow.


Batman Returns: Taking off the Masks

James Rose on what is now regarded as one of Burton’s signature films, the perverse 1992 sequel to his first blockbuster.


Behind the Picket Fence

Matthew Hammond discusses the representation of American family values in Burton’s work, from Beetlejuice to Ed Wood.


On the Cutting Edge: Reading Edward Scissorhands

The story of a man with blades for hands is one of Burton’s most personal films, and Warren Holmes considers its range of representations from the family to disability.


Too Dark for Disney Antony Mullen considers the Burton films primarily intended for children that explore depictions of madness, such as Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Book Reviews – It was a dark and stormy night…

John Atkinson on a plethora of Gothic-related film books.


If there’s only one film you use, make it… Sleepy Hollow

Judith Gunn explores Burton’s version of the classic Washington Irving story through its origins, its narrative codes and its character representations.


£15.99   90pp   978-1-906733-78-0   2014

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