Audiences: Classroom Resources (paperback) – Roger Martin

50pp   £22.50  ISBN: 1903663199   2003
“…quality resources… Roger Martin is a reliable guide… you won’t go far wrong if you’ve read and absorbed the material in the guide… This is a worthwhile purchase for any media department.” In the Picture

The ‘audience’ is a volatile battleground within the media industries and a controversial and, at times, complex concept within Media Studies. Roger Martin has produced a comprehensive and detailed set of resources designed to complement his Teacher’s Guide to the subject that covers all of the key areas, including:

  • Research – the Effects studies debate and ‘uses and gratifications’
  • Ratings and Measurement – the history of ratings across radio and TV from the earliest telephone sampling to today’s most sophisticated technologies
  • Scheduling – the techniques used to attract TV audiences in the multi-channel era
  • Cinema audiences – how research techniques pioneered in the 1930s still hold sway today.

The accompanying Classroom Resources include a wealth of ideas for communicating the sometimes difficult subject in a teaching environment, including examining TV and radio schedules and attitudes towards screen violence.

Roger Martin was Head of Media Studies at Godalming College.

Audience Research / Scheduling / Screen Violence and Censorship / Reality TV / Essays

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