Comedy Films: Classroom Resources (paperback) – Brian Dunbar

52pp   £22.50   ISBN: 1903663148   2003


Studying comedy films offers unique challenges in the classroom. Is it a genre in itself? What are the conventions of comedy? How is film language employed to comic effect? Comedy Films: Classroom Resources offers a range of classroom friendly pupil resource sheets containing exercises, essay questions and tasks that offer a framework of study for teachers of GCSE and AS/A level Film and Media Studies.

Starting by asking ‘Can comedy be called a genre?’, Brian Dunbar then goes on to address the key concepts of Media Studies offering practical teaching solutions to looking at comedy films from such historical periods and movements as:

  • Silent Comedy Film
  • Classical Hollywood ‘screwball comedy’
  • British comedy films
  • Foreign comedy
  • Contemporary independent American comedy

In addition to covering the core concepts, the author also provides exercises for practical classroom work including designing a comedy film trailer, designing a comedy video sleeve, adapting a comedy film for radio and designing a Web page to promote a comedy film.

Brian Dunbar taught English and Media Studies at Lasswade High School Centre, Midlothian and film courses for the University of Edinburgh’s Office of Lifelong Learning. He is the author of Dracula in the York Film Notes series and Goldfinger for Longman’s Ultimate Film Guides.

Genre / Film Language / Representation / Audiences / Institutions / Scriptwriting


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