Contemporary British Cinema: Classroom Resources (paperback) – Mike Kirkup

52pp   £22.50  ISBN: 1903663296   2004


“A clear and accessible resource which covers a wide and really useful range of topics. As a film teacher, trainer and Principal Examiner, I will not only make good use of it myself, I will also make sure other teachers know about this excellent resource.” Jill Poppy, Principal Examiner for Film Studies (British & Irish Cinema)

The issues facing teachers and students of contemporary British cinema are many and occasionally complex. What characteristics categorise today’s British films? How can we relate them to British cinema history? And what exactly does ‘British’ mean, when film funding is a web of international co-productions and tax breaks?

In these Classroom Resources, Mike Kirkup examines a range of topics – looking at both the in-dustry and the films themselves as texts – that will help teaches and students explore British cinema today. Developed with the real needs of the classroom uppermost in mind, the Resources includes sections on:

  • Film language – narrative in British cinema and analysing opening sequences
  • Genre – how British films are identified and sold by genre characteristics
  • Representation – how contemporary Britain is portrayed onscreen
  • Audiences – programme your own British film festival
  • Institutions and organisations – explore the mechanics of the industry as a business.

Together with the accompanying Teacher’s Guide, this set of Classroom Resources offers as com-prehensive and entertaining a solution to the teaching of contemporary British film as is likely to be required at GCSE and A level.
Mike Kirkup spent 14 years in the cultural exhibition sector working at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle as Education Officer and Film Programmer.

Teacher’s Notes / 1. Film Language / 2. Genre / 3. Representation / 4. Audiences / 5. Institutions and Organisations / 6. Teacher Tips and Hints


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