Documentaries: A Teacher’s Guide (paperback) – Jo Wilcock

102pp   £15.99  ISBN: 1-903663-00-8   2005

This Teacher’s Guide offers a thorough overview of the subject and covers all the key concepts of Media Studies, in doing so highlighting:

  • The history of the documentary movement
  • Case studies of the genre’s pioneering figures – Flaherty and Grierson
  • Case studies of today’s key figures – Nick Broomfield and Molly Dineen
  • British TV documentary – from 7Up to Big Brother.

The revised edition (2005) includes two completely new chapters on ‘reality TV’ and rebirth of the theatrical documentary.

Jo Wilcock is the former Director of Southern Film Education and is currently the Regional Manager: South East for Skillset, the sector skills council for the audiovisual industry.

Introduction / General Introduction / So What is a Documentary? / Documentary Techniques / Technology Used in Documentary Production / A Brief History of the Documentary Genre / Key Figures of the Documentary Movement: John Grierson;  Robert J. Flaherty; Nick Broomfield / Documentary Styles:
Direct cinema; Cinéma-vérité / British Television Documentary: The Post-war Years; British TV Documentary Today; Reality TV / Theatrical Documentaries / Recommended Filmography / Recommended Further Reading / Websites of Interest

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