Film and Television Textual Analysis: A Teacher’s Guide (paperback) – Keith McDonald

100pp   £15.99   ISBN: 1-903663-53-9   2005

Film and Television Textual Analysis provides the Film, Media Studies and English teacher with a com-prehensive introduction to the subject and a range of approaches to teaching the analysis of the moving image. The Teacher’s Guide introduces the key concepts and the analytical tool required, and explores ways in which they can be applied to the study of the media and film in the classroom.

The Guide is divided between practical explanation of the terminology and approaches to textual analysis; and the ideas, debates and theories surrounding film and TV. This is structured in three parts:

  • an introduction to the core concepts, practices and terminologies;
  • an exploration of the ideas, issues and debates that stem from textual analysis, including rep-resentation, genre and ideology;
  • an introduction to the key theories and critical approaches, including feminist theory, Marxism, structuralism and auteur theory.

Throughout, a range of popular and accessible case studies show textual analysis and film and media theory in practice, including The Matrix: Reloaded, Six Feet Under, Moulin Rouge, Sweet Sixteen and Shameless.

The highly practical Classroom Resources are designed for use around the Guide. Included are a comprehensive set of handouts and task sheets offering a range of activities and information designed to help students understand and explore textual analysis.

Getting Started / Defining Texts / How to Read Texts / Case Studies: The Matrix Reloaded; Moulin Rouge / Ideas / Genre and Narrative / Representation /
Case Studies: Six Feet Under; Sweet Sixteen / Critical Approaches / Schools of Thought / Case Studies: Erin Brockovich; Shameless / Selected Bibliography


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