Gaming: A Teacher’s Guide & Classroom Resources


Gaming is now an important topic across all Media Studies specifications, yet there has to-date been very little material available geared to teachers and students. Dave Harrison, a gaming journalist turned Media Studies teacher, has written the ideal introduction for those new to the topic. Covering the history of videogames, from Pong to Angry Birds, and offering in-depth coverage of game genres, audiences, marketing and promotion, Gaming makes the delivery and reception of this topic available to all.


Bringing videogames into the classroom – physically or as a subject – is exciting. Divisive, energising, risky, liberating, eye-opening, both excluding and inclusive, it’s a topic unlike any other in Media Studies for numerous reasons and is now an important one across all specifications. Yet there has to-date been very little material produced to assist teachers in their preparation and delivery. Now, Dave Harrison, a media teacher and former gaming journalist, has written the ideal introduction for those new to the topic.


Gaming will provide teachers with an overview of the world of gaming to at least keep up with the students and with enough theory and industry detail to lead the students in appropriately structuring and applying their knowledge. There is an emphasis on the marketing and promotion of games, and sections on the structure of the industry, the key institutions, discussions of genre and representation, and a look at the modern gaming audience. Covering the history of videogames from Pong to Angry Birds, and including 20 worksheets to provoke classroom discussion and activities, Gaming aims to make the delivery of this topic accessible to all.


Dave Harrison is a teacher of A Level Media and the OCR Media Diploma. Previously he was a videogames journalist for ten years working for Future Publishing on a number of different magazines and spent a short period in marketing and PR in the games industry.

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