Media Institutions: A Teacher’s Guide (paperback) – Sean Redmond

92pp   £15.99  ISBN: 1-903663-04-0   2002

“This is a wide ranging, inventive and thoroughly informed exploration of the role media institutions play in our daily lives as much as Media Studies. I would recommend it to teachers, whether new to Media Studies or more experienced, for it brings together much media theory and criticism into a single accessible resource. The many case studies and teaching resources alone are worth time for they make light of the common problem of making abstract institutions into study objects for the classroom. I learned a lot.” David Lusted, Southampton Institute

Media Institutions: A Teacher’s Guide provides both the theoretical apparatus underpinning the concept and “real world” case studies that illuminate the theory. Examples cover:

  • The music industry
  • The press (Rupert Murdoch and The Times)
  • Hollywood old and new (Sony Pictures and AOL Time Warner)
  • British TV (the “dumbing down” of television news considered alongside media legislation).

Introduction / Issues of Power and Control / The Cultural Industry / More than Just a Cultural Industry? / Institutional Globalisation? / Cultural Globalisation and Media Imperialism Revisited / Alternative and Independent Media Institutions / A Footnote to History: The Power of the Internet / Conclusion / Bibliography

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