Researching Media and Film Studies: Classroom Resources (paperback) – Vanessa Clare

52pp   £22.50   ISBN: 1903663369   2005

Researching the media has always been a key element of Media and Film Studies, whether or not it occupies a formal part of the syllabus. In the constantly changing world of Media and Film Studies, it is vital that students develop research skills both to successfully engage with Media and Film Studies and to contribute to their lifelong learning. Yet both students and teachers are often confused and lacking in confidence when it comes to carrying out research or supervising it.

These Resources are written with the specific needs of Media and Film students uppermost in mind and:

  • Are intended to be useful across a range of syllabuses;
  • Offer approaches to the three key aspects of research – how to decide what to research; how to carry it out; and how to organise, analyse, present and evaluate the results;
  • Include a number of checklists and template forms such as: putting together a research proposal; a research action plan; and a record of deadlines.


Vanessa Clare teaches Media Studies at York College. She has been a Subject Leader, an Advanced Tutor and an examiner and is an Associate Tutor with the BFI.


Introduction / Section 1: How to Decide What to Research / 1.1 Asking the right questions / 1.2 Finding ideas on the Internet / 1.3 Looking at existing research for ideas / 1.4 Topic ideas / 1.5 The story behind the headlines / 1.6 Starting from a theoretical perspective / 1.7 Finalising your research proposal / Section 2: How to Carry Out Research / 2.1 Organising your research / 2.2 Making the most of your strengths / 2.3 Developing your reading skills / 2.4 Working on your talking and listening skills / 2.5 Questionnaires / 2.6 Primary and secondary research / 2.7 Internet research / 2.8 Presenting a progress report / Section 3: How to Evaluate and Present Research / 3.1 Evaluating research / 3.2 Evaluation by others / 3.3 Structuring your material / 3.4 Formal conventions of presenting research / 3.5 The final checklist / Section 4: Extra Resources / 4.1 Research proposal form / 4.2 Action plan / 4.3 Record of deadlines / 4.4 A record of my research journey / 4.5 Key skills / 4.6 Glossary / 4.7 Bibliography and Webography

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