Science Fiction Film: A Teacher’s Guide to the Genre (paperback) – Elaine Scarratt

194pp   £16.99   ISBN: 1-903663-02-4   2001

“This resource offers unprecedented depth of research and a wide range of accessible activities for GCSE and AS/A level students. The Teacher’s Guide offers an informative context for the study of science fiction genre at GCSE or A level or for a GCSE coursework unit for any awarding body’s specifications on Key Concepts, such as representations or producers and audiences. The photocopiable Resources are all relevant and user-friendly – an excellent practical resource for busy teachers.”
Vivienne Clark, Principal Examiner AS/A level Media Studies

A complete scheme of work for the teaching of science fiction film, Science Fiction Film: A Teacher’s Guide to the Genre provides:

  • Guidelines for practical tasks including storyboarding, designing a film poster and developing a marketing strategy
  • A detailed history of science fiction film and its place both within the industry and the wider culture of the twentieth century
  • A thorough grounding in all the theoretical concepts of Media Studies
  • A focus on familiar and easily accessible texts such as Metropolis, The Terminator, the Alien quartet, Men in Black and Galaxy Quest.

Elaine Scarratt is a media advisor, experienced Media Studies teacher and BFI Associate Tutor who works in South-East London schools.

General Introduction / A History of Science Fiction Film and the Hollywood Film Industry / Narrative and Genre / Audience and Institution / The Spectacle of Technology in Science Fiction Film / Representation / Recommended Filmography / Bibliography

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