Sitcom: Classroom Resources

52pp   £22.50   ISBN: 1-903663-76-8   2007

When approaching the study of situation comedy there are many different elements to consider. Studying the social and historical context of this form leads to considering elements of theatre, early comedy films and radio. When analysing style you see a vast range of comic forms including, satire, slapstick and parody. And when you look into the many situations and characters portrayed in different programmes over the years you end up with a wealth of links and threads that you are eager to investigate and discover.

In Sitcom: Classroom Resources, experienced teacher and INSET deliverer Julie Patrick explores these contexts to provide teachers with tangible pedagogic material for use in the classroom. She looks closely at the social and historical context of various situation comedies; early programmes and developments in the genre; comparisons between British and American situation comedies; and the stars and writers that are well established names in television comedy. The Classroom Resources also includes a suggested scheme of work when studying the topic.


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