Splice Volume 2: issue 1 (2.1) (paperback)

Volume 2 issue 1  autumn 2007   96pp   £14.99

Cult/Horror Cinema Special
  • Just what exactly is a cult film? – You might think you know, but how do you define one? Mark Kirwan-Hayhoe is on hand with his ‘taxonomy of cult cinema’.
  • Tradition, Modernity and Japanese Gothic in the Ring Cycle – Ringu and its place in Japanese horror narratives.
  • The ‘Painographic’ Horror Film – ‘Torture porn’, ‘goreno’, call it what you will – it’s here and it’s nasty.
  •  Reading The Descent – The rebirth of British horror cinema.
  •  Book Reviews – On cult, Kubrick and Spielberg.
  •  If There’s One Film You Use, Make it… Pan’s Labyrinth


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