Splice Volume 3 issue 3 – summer 2009

Volume 3 issue 3 – summer 2009


Boys Don’t Cry

How a ‘fictional’ film tells a ‘real-life’ story, and blurs some boundaries, by Rona Murray


Fear and Loathing in West Yorkshire

John Fitzgerald on arguably the TV event of 2009, Channel Four’s adaptation of David Peace’s Red Riding Quartet.


‘Is it a bird? No, it’s a psychopath.’

The superhero movie from ‘the American Way’ to the American nightmare, by Robin Bell.


‘Shocking! Incredible!’

The ‘Flipside’ of British cinema of the 1960s, reviewed by Danny Powell.


If There’s Only One Film You Use, Make It… Bullet Boy, by Guy Stanley.


£14.99   80pp   2009

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