Studying British Cinema: The 1960s (paperback) – Danny Powell

256pp   £18.99   ISBN: 978-1-903663-88-2   2009

Aimed explicitly at those coming to British cinema for the first time – either as student or teacher – the Studying British Cinema series considers key texts from the decade under discussion and accessibly considers them in their artistic and historical contexts. Beginning with an extended introduction, Studying British Cinema: The 1960s analyses this famously revolutionary decade, showing how changes in society and culture changed the face of Britain irreversibly, beginning freedoms and trends that would affect the way the country would be perceived forever. Using key filmic texts as its starting point, 1960s British Cinema examines the events that changed the country reflected in the film of the day. The book examines the reputation of the decade as ‘swinging’ and explores issues of class, race and sexuality whose boundaries paved the way for a greater awareness of the county’s identity.

A Glimpse of the Future – Peeping Tom (1960); Keeping it Real – Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960); Neither Here Nor There – Billy Liar (1963); Living the Dream – A Hard Day’s Night (1964); Spies Like Us – Goldfinger (1964) and The Ipcress File (1965);  Sex and the Sixties: Darling (1965); London Life – The Knack…and How to Get It (1965); Kaleidoscopic Nation – Blow Up (1966); Decadence and Rebellion – If… (1968); Brit-flick – The Italian Job (1969)


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