Studying Surrealist and Fantasy Cinema (paperback) – Neil Coombs

£8.99   160pp   ISBN: 978-1-903663-96-7   2008

Studying Surrealist and Fantasy Cinema is ideal for students new to the field. Neil Coombs outlines the roots of the Surrealist movement, and its relationship with popular culture and cinema in particular. It considers the development of Surrealist cinema through case studies of specific directors and their films.

The book also attempts to define the scope of fantasy cinema and consider the difference between fantasy and Surrealist film genres, using detailed studies of specific films. Issues relating to narrative conventions, spectatorship, national and historical context are considered. Films discussed include The Phantom of
Liberty, Orphèe, Lost Highway, Alice and The City of Lost Children.

Neil Coombs is a multimedia artist and film-maker who has exhibited work internationally. He has many years experience teaching Film and Media studies on a range of further and higher education courses.


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