Studying TV Drama (paperback) – Michael Massey

200pp   £16.99   ISBN: 978-1-906733-04-9   2010


Students following graduate level courses in Media Studies have had the benefit of many books covering a variety of television genres; but titles on TV drama aimed specifically at students at a lower level have been notably few. But with drama now forming a major part of specifications at this level, Studying TV Drama is designed to meet this need.


A general introduction traces the history of UK TV drama from the beginnings, with a section on developments in US TV drama.  The remaining nine chapters take the form of case studies of a specific TV drama, dealing with: The significance of the drama in the history / development of TV drama as a genre; the significance of the drama in the history/development of ‘TV entertainment’ generally; content and narrative structure; representation; dramatic style and form; and technical analysis (camera, sound, editing, mise-en-scène). The chosen case studies are necessarily very selective, but attempt to focus on contemporary and continuing drama likely to be familiar to students (such as Dr Who) as well as some landmark productions to act as key points (such as Bleak House). US drama as a particular mode is represented by the Hugh Laurie vehicle, House. The dramas selected also represent differences of production style to provide a varied experience for the purposes of analysis.


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