Studying Videogames (paperback) – Julian McDougall and Wayne O’Brien

144pp   £17.99   ISBN: 9781903663844   2008


Studying Videogames is the first book on this emerging academic area written specifically for students looking at videogames as media texts.

Covering a broad range of games, industry contexts and research findings, Studying Videogames challenges conventional media analysis approaches, sets out the history, present and future of games and interrogates claims about their ‘social effects’. Featuring student activities, interviews with key players in the games industry, and an extended synoptic case study of the Grand Theft Auto phenomenon, Studying Videogames is an essential read for all students (and their teachers) following the wide range of courses for which serious engagement with this powerful media form is required.

Dr Julian McDougall is a Reader in Media at Bournemouth University. Wayne O’Brien is Director of Learning for Media and Film Studies at Smestow School, Wolverhampton.

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