Teaching Reality TV (paperback) – Wendy Helsby

100pp   £25.00   ISBN: 978-1-906733-19-3   2010

The umbrella term ‘reality TV’ covers a variety of programmes including docu-soaps, docu-games/challenges, video diaries, law and order crime formats, emergency services programmes, life-style programmes such as makeovers, talent shows, talk shows and so on. Many have criticised the formats, but their resilience is shown in the way that they have morphed and hybridised and today they are an integral part of our popular culture. Even though some accuse them of signalling the death of the prestigious documentary, reality TV remain one of the most significant television genres of the turn of the new millennium.

Teaching Reality TV commences with reality TV’s place in the history of documentary, followed by the application of four key concepts – text, audiences, producers and debates – to the genre.  A case study approach is then used to integrate the key concepts on specific texts. This is all supplemented by activities; lesson plans, a glossary, references and resources.


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