The Descent – James Marriott (paperback)

The story of an all-female caving expedition that goes seriously wrong, The Descent is arguably the best of the crop of mid-2000s horror entries that returned to the genre a verve and intensity it hadn t seen since its 1970s heyday. Unlike its peers (Hostel, Saw, etc.), The Descent was popular both commercially and critically, providing a genuine version of what its peers could produce only as pastiche. For Mark Kermode, writing in the Observer it was one of the best British horror films of recent years ; Time Out s critic praised this fiercely entertaining British horror movie ; and Rolling Stone s Peter Travers warned prospective viewers to Prepare to be scared senseless . James Marriott, co-author of Horror: 333 Films to Scare You to Death, conducts a lively investigation into the hidden narratives found in The Descent. This in-depth yet accessible study discusses the idea of the cave in horror cinema as inseparable from ideas of female biology and of birth as the foundational human trauma. With scores of references to the film s antecedents, and a highly original discussion of its atavistic allure and of horror s rubber realities , Marriott s reading exposes themes that have until now remained generally under-explored in the genre.

£8.99  120pp   978-1-906733-71-1   2013

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