The Film Genre Book (paperback) – John Sanders

464pp   £21.99   ISBN: 978-1-903663-90-5   2009


Both a comprehensive introduction to film generally and an accessible overview of seven important genres, The Film Genre Book highlights 63 significant films from across a 90-year period (1916-2000s), enabling the reader to trace developments in a particular genre or compare films from the same period.

Analysing films as diverse as Bambi and Pan’s Labyrinth, The Film Genre Book immerses the reader in a full range of film experience. Inclusive in its approach, it’s breadth of study and its combination of accessible film guide and academic study makes it in invaluable resource for teachers, students and cineastes alike.

John Sanders teaches film at Bedford Modern School and is also the author of Studying Disaster Movies (Auteur 2009).

The Western – from The Iron Horse to Brokeback Mountain / Drama – from Sunrise to Crash / Science Fiction – from Metropolis to Children of Men / Horror – from Nosferatu to Dark Water / Comedy – from The General to Shaun of the Dead / Blockbuster – from Intolerance to Spider-Man 2 / Fantasy – from The Thief of Bagdad to Pan’s Labyrinth.


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