The New Media: A Teacher’s Guide (paperback) – Sean Redmond

104pp   £15.99   ISBN: 1-903663-11-3   2003

“Sean Redmond places the new media in theoretical and historical contexts with clear attention to forms, conventions and the range of new media, really explaining how and why they are ‘new’… this book is a very welcome addition to the Media teacher’s essential library.”
Pete Fraser,  previously Head of Media Studies, Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge

In this Teacher’s Guide, Sean Redmond discusses exactly what is meant by the phrase “new media” and examines their impact. He goes on to explore their effects on such “old media” as film, TV and music; then examines some of the most significant “new media”, using the Internet, game-playing and surveillance cameras as primary case studies. The accompanying Resources draw upon many of the examples featured in the Guide, providing the teacher with a useful ‘classroom ready’ scheme of work.


Sean Redmond was Chief Examiner of AQA Media Studies (legacy syllabus).

Introduction: Using This Guide
Section I. The New Media and the Modern World
1.    Defining the New Media
2.    The New Media and the Visualisation of Culture
3.    The New Media and the Information Society
4.    The New Media and Postmodernism
Section II. Radical Transformations: Old Media in New Times
1.    Film in the Digital Age
2.    Television in the Digital Age
3.    Popular Music and the New Media
Section III. New Interventions: New Media Revolutions
1.    The Internet Revolution
2.    The Gaming Revolution
3.    The Surveillance Revolution
Bibliography and Webography

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