The New Media: Classroom Resources (paperback) – Sean Redmond

52pp   £22.50   ISBN: 1-903663-12-1   2003

Many find the ‘new media’ a challenging and daunting prospect, especially in a classroom envi-ronment where one feels the student may have more actual experience of the subject than the teacher. The New Media: Classroom Resources offers a range of classroom-friendly pupil resource sheets containing exercises, essay questions and tasks that contextualise the subject for students while offering a sturdy framework for the teacher.

Starting by asking ‘What are the New Media?’, Sean Redmond then goes on to consider the effects of the ‘new media’ on ‘old media’ as well as reflecting on the impact of the genuinely ‘new media’. In doing so he offers practical teaching solutions to such areas as:

  • Film in the digital age
  • Television and new media
  • Popular music and new media
  • The Internet revolution
  • Surveillance culture
  • Computer games and game playing.

The New Media: Classroom Resources also includes an extensive glossary of new media terms which will further aid the teacher and student in negotiating this still largely unexplored area of study.

Sean Redmond was the Chief Examiner of AQA Media Studies (legacy syllabus) and is the author of the Media Institutions publications for Auteur.
The New Media and the Modern World
Radical Transformations: Old Media in New Times
Film in the Digital Age
Television in the Digital Age
Popular Music and the New Media
New Interventions: New Media Revolutions
The Internet Revolution
The Gaming Revolution
The Surveillance Revolution
Conclusion – The New (Old) Media and the Modern World
Glossary of Key Terms

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