The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (paperback) – James Rose


An in-depth analysis of one of the most notorious films of the 1970s.


No-one who has ever seen the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) is ever likely to forget the experience. An intense fever dream (or nightmare), it is remarkable for its sense of sustained threat and depiction of an insane but nonetheless (dys)functional family on the furthest reaches of society who have regressed to cannibalism in the face of economic hardship. As well as providing a summary of the making of the film, James Rose discusses the extraordinary censorship history of the film in the UK (essentially banned for two decades) and provides a detailed textual analysis of the film with particular reference to the concept of the Uncanny . He also situates the film in the context of horror film criticism (for example, the Final Girl convention of slasher films) and discusses its influence and subsequent sequels and remakes.

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