The Thing – Jez Conolly (paperback)

“Jez Conolly finds new frozen ground to mine, exploring the role of the monster in movie history… makes you want to rewatch the movie, and that’s never a bad thing.” Empire

“Although Conolly touches upon academic interpretation of a movie that is ripe for study, the book is refreshingly breezy and often light-hearted in its pithy examination of its various qualities and hidden depths… A fascinating, detailed analysis of Carpenter s framing and character positioning… will change the way you view the movie, as will much of Conolly s writing… comes with the kind of wit and enthusiasm that put other, more po-faced analyses of horror movies to shame.”

“…an excellent study … well researched, informative … and intelligently written in a clear, presentable style. Most importantly of all, however, it does Carpenter s once-vilified film the justice it fully deserves.” Exquisite Terror


Consigned to the deep freeze of critical and commercial reception upon its release in 1982, The Thing has bounced back spectacularly to become one of the most highly regarded productions from the 1980s Body Horror cycle of films, experiencing a wholesale and detailed reappraisal that has secured its place in the pantheon of modern cinematic horror. Thirty years on, and with a recent prequel reigniting interest, Jez Conolly looks back to the film’s antecedents and forward to the changing nature of its reception and the work that it has influenced. The themes discussed include the significance of The Thing s subversive antipodal environment, the role that the film has played in the corruption of the onscreen monstrous form, the qualities that make it an exemplar of the director’s work and the relevance of its legendary visual effects despite the advent of CGI. Topped and tailed by a full plot breakdown and an appreciation of its notoriously downbeat ending, this exploration of the events at US Outpost 31 in the winter of 1982 captures The Thing’s sub-zero terror in all its gory glory.


£9.99   114pp   978–1906733-77-3   2013

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