TV Crime Drama: Teacher’s Guide & Classroom Resources (paperback) – Elspeth Stevenson

104pp   £30.00   ISBN: 9781906733582   2011

TV Crime Drama is organised by key concepts (Genre, Representation, Media Language, Audiences, Institutions) and the focus throughout this resource is on learning about the genre – but many of the theories and approaches to media study encountered here are readily transferable across other sections of the mass media. A collection of detailed synoptic case studies, including the recent BBC Sherlock, Wallander, Due South, Silent Witness and CSI put the key concepts into analytical practice. Key terms are highlighted and included in an extensive glossary and there is also an appendix offering advice on pre-production work such as screenplay writing. The author also considers the future of the genre and explores the online presence of TV crime. Last but not least, there are almost 30 photocopiable resource sheets for classroom use, making TV Crime Drama: A Teacher’s Guide & Classroom Resources the perfect one-volume practical introduction to the topic.



Introduction / Genre / Representations / Media Language / Institutions / Audience

Case Study 1: Due South / Case Study 2: Wallander / Case Study 3: CSI / Case Study 4: Sherlock / Case Study 5: Lie to Me / Case Study 6: Silent Witness

The Future

Appendix: A Note on Pre-production Skills / Glossary / Filmography / Useful Websites / Bibliography



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